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A parrot and a cat


A man once bought a brilliantly-coloured parrot. Instead of locking it up in a cage or chaining it to a perch, he allowed it to fly free all over the house. The parrot was delighted at this and flapped from room to room, shrieking and screaming with happiness. At last he settled on the edge of a rich curtain.

"Who on earth are you ?" said a cross voice from below. "Stop that terrible noise at once."

The parrot saw a cat staring up at him from the carpet.

"I 'm a parrot. I 've just arrived and I 'm to make as much noise as I can," he said.

"Well, I 've lived here all my life," replied the cat ."I was born in this very house and I learned from my mother that it is best to keep quiet here."

"Keep quiet then, "said the parrot cheerfully. "I don't know what you do around here, but I know my job. My master bought me for my voice and I'm going to make sure he hears it."

Different people are valued for different things.

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