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Happiness consists in contentment.


Happiness consists in contentment.


Happiness consists in contentment, I like this. I wish I was happiness and my life meaningful, I hope my  friends  are happiness.

Sometimes, we’ve asked for much, but we don’t know wandered from the path. Happiness is very simple, Content is better than riches. He is wise that knows when he's well enough. When you always make promises but never keep, then you’ll lose a lot of things.

Of course, I have my happy. I had a happy family, I had a sweetheart, I had my own company, there are many. So I am fine with what I have contentment now.

What about you?

One Response to “Happiness consists in contentment.”

  1. K
    June 9th, 2010 at 4:31 am

    I do agree with that. Our moods are definitely down to how we think of things around. Oh, I'm a Univ. student who is having last year of the term. Which means I gotta find my own job in any time.

    I think It's very hard to give up on our greed for money when you have to choose your future job. The Competition has been tough to get a good job which everyone wants to take.
    They are all well educated and don't want take some normally paid job which they think they don't deserve to have.

    Happiness consists in contentment. Yeah true~ as long as you sometimes give up on something you really wanna make.

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