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The Four seasons


A year has four seasons. Every season has three months. The weather of one season is different from that of any other. The life cycles of plants are controlled by the seasons.

The first season is spring. The three months in it are March, April and May. During that time we have warm weather and fine days. All plants come to life. Animals wake up from hibernation. It is time for farmers to get ready for their fields.

The second season is summer. The three months are June, July and August. The weather is very hot and it often rains. People can go swimming and sightseeing. It is time for all things to grow up.

The third season is autumn. The three months are September, October and November. The weather becomes cooler and cooler. Leaves begin to fall to the ground. It is the harvest time for farmers.

The fourth season is winter. December, January and February are the three months of that season. The weather is very cold, and most of the plants die at that time. Sometimes it snows. People can enjoy skating and skiing. But winter doesn' t stay with us for a long time, for spring comes again soon.

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