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TV and My Family


With the advance of science television has played a vital part in the day-to- day life of the people in developed or developing countries and its influence is simply astounding when I was young my family did not own a television set; so whenever we were free my younger sister and I would slip to a neighbor's where to watch their TV awhile Al though TV programs in those days were generally inferior we still had a good time for as young and indiscriminate children we were interested only in novelty and excitement Not until my family had bought a television set did I quit the habit of fooling around with my younger sister then this wonder of scientific wonders did do us a great service we now had more chances to chat with each other in front of the box I hope our television companies will keep on upgrading their programs so that the viewers can be benefited both morally and intellectually I t is our conviction hat television in addition its entertaining aspect should be educational as well.

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    January 5th, 2012 at 12:13 am

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