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Makeing Promises


1.A  gentleman needs but one word.
2.A promise  is promise.
3.Cross my heart, hope to die!
4.Do we need an oral agreement or a written agreement?
5.Don't forget to keep in touch.
6.Don't back on your word.
7.He is a man of his word.
8.He is trustworthy.
9.I am behind you.
10.I don't know for sure.
11.I guess i could come ever.
12.I promises it won't happen again.
13.I promise.
14.I trust that you will be on time.
15.I will arrange everything.
16.I won't beat around the bush, so i'll boil it down.
17.I'd like to give you a ride.
18.I'm going to the evening party, no matter what!
19.I'd like to repair our differences.
20.If he wants to make any changes, minor alternations can be made then.

21.I'll back you up all the way.
22.I'm not guessing , i really know.
23.It's a deal.
24.Let's shake hands on it!
25.Old tunes are sweetest and old friends are surest.
26.Put one's money where one's mouth is.
27.She promised to buy me a car, but backed out.
28.Success is allready in our bag.
29.That will not always be the case.
30.That's settled then.
31.This one is on me.
32.We sang the same songs.
33.We'll leave some evening free, that is,if it is all right with you.
34.We've arranged our schedule without any trouble.
35.We're all for it.
36.What is worth doing is worth doing well.
37.You can call me any time.
38.You can count on me.
39.You can get what you want.
40.You can't miss it.

41.You can trust me.
42.You can have my word.
43.You won't regret it.
44.Your hardworking will be rewarded by God oen day,God is equal to everyone.
45.You've got a point there.
46.We can hold him to his word.
47.What has been said cannot be unsaid.

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