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How to remove stains on clothes?


1.Sweat stained

The sweat stained clothes, macular easily over time, with the perspiration on their clothes to 5% salt water soak 1 hour, then slowly rubbed clean.


Just caught the bloodstain may use the lonely water immersion to soak several minutes first, then washes with the soap or the ethyl alcohol. If is the thing of the past available lemon juice adds the salt water to remove, also the available turnip wipes scratches, but prohibits with the hot laundering. May also use the clear water washes the bloodstain after the light brown, then uses the glycerin soap wash, finally rinses cleanly in the lukewarm water.

3.Coffee dirt

Not too thick coffee stain available soap or the laundry powder plunge in the hot water to clean cleanly; The thick coffee must sprinkles into the little glycerine in the egg yolk, after the mix, smudge in the stain place, after treating does slightly, uses the soap and the hot water clean coffee stain again may eliminate cleanly.

4.Tea stain

If just by these drink pollution, might use immediately 70-80% hot water washes, then may, except that; The old tea mark available thick table salt water immersion washes.

5.Vinegar and soy

Generally on clothes' food vinegar, the soy sauce dirt, the available few lotus root juice rubs, uses the clear water to clean again.

6.Oil stain

①On clothes' grease stains available artificial turpentine, the banana oil, the gasoline and so on scours, then releases people in 3% salt water to soak several minutes, uses the clear water to rinse again.

②If the silk trinket stain the grease stains, the available acetone solution scrubs gently then.

③On the deep color clothes' grease stains, scrub with the remnant tea can the decontamination.

④The little toothpaste mixes the laundry powder mix to scrub on clothes' greasy dirt, the grease stains may eliminate.

⑤Takes the little bread flour, the furnishing pappy, spreads in clothes' grease stains pro and con surface, seasons under the sun, uncovers the surface shell, then eliminates the grease stains.

7.Fruit juice

Before washing clothes, scratches with the table salt tries the dirt, then soaks, in is first clean in the fine solution, then with hot water wash, may also use the bread flour to spread washes again on the dirt.

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    You did this is a rush, you used a spell checker but there are huge errors in choice of words..

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