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Give more love or get more love from others?




Some people said, love is selfless, we should give more love to others. While other people said, how can we love others if we don’t love ourselves? Our love philosophy is different from each other, which raises different oaths about love. In any case, which would you choose, give more love or get more love from others?

It seems that the question is so easy ,however,it doesn't.we couldn't simply answer "give more or get more".there is no absolutely equal affection for everybody.for example,parents always love their kids more than themself ,but the kids don't think so untill they get married and have a baby.because only when they are mature enough could they realize how much parents had already paid for them!so we shouldn't concerned too much about who give or get more,because it only increases your troubles.

Just remember "Love make the world go around."

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