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Friendship is Always Beside Me


The twinkling stars embellished the darkness while they adorned three girls with moonlight. It was 11:40at night.

“after keeping a long ponytail for more than five years, I finally cut my hair short for a different style,” Wendy said with her hands constantly stroking her short hair.

“You look refreshing. That fits you well. Also, the color you chose highlights the new image,” Maggie added.

“Yup, thanks. You also look perfect. Your straight hair gives you a look of a mature woman, a tender, gorgeous and well-behaved woman,” Wendy giggled.

I sacrificed almost 4 hours just to accompany these two young ladies for hairdressing. Fearing to miss the door-closing time, we quickened our steps.

As we approached the door of the apartment building, we saw our headmaster standing outside, blazing with indignation. Forcing smiles on our faces, we rushed towards the door guarded by the teacher. Obviously the teacher could clearly see us . She shouted, “Where have you been? Why are you not answering my calls? Your classmates have gone out to look for you. Now please call them back immediately!”

We were at a loss about what had happened. Against the dim moonlight, we saw two familiar figures moving slowly toward us. By their stature, we recognized they were our roommates. We yelled to them as loudly as we could. Finally, Linda and Bone came back with a group of strangers.

“What happened to you? Are you OK? Why are you so late?” Linda asked eagerly and anxiously. At the same time, a guard said, “Where have you been? Why didn’t you make a phone call to tell your friends that you would be late? They worried about you so much.”

Seeing Linda and Bone in pajamas and slippers, we all felt ashamed, bowing our heads at our mistake. At the same time, we were appreciating the pure love we owned and the faithful friends we had. We were feeling very warm as if by a gust of warm air.

“The haircuts took too much time. We thought it would not last that long. However, …” Maggie murmured.

“We are terribly sorry. It’s our fault. It will never happen again,” Wendy swore.

“We did not do this on purpose. Maggie and Wendy didn’t take their cell phones and my cell phone wad uncharged. Therefore, we couldn’t make any call,” I explained.

The teacher cut us short. “It is too late. Please go back to your bedrooms now.”

Nodding with repeated apologies, We expressed our thanks to the guards and went into the building.

As we were approaching our bedroom, we all tiptoed in order not to disturb other’ sleep. But to our surprise, none of our roommates were asleep. They were all sitting up worrying about us.

Finally we got into our beds. I felt for a new battery in my bag and inserted into my cell phone. Maggie and Wendy also put their cell phones into their school bags.

Before closing my eyes, I thought a lot about this little incident. It suddenly dawned upon me that we are actually part of one big family. Whatever we do may affect the life of the others. More than ever have I understood Confucius’ civility code “Do not do unto others what you would not have them do unto you.”

I closed my eyes, feeling safe and satisfied, for I knew my friends will always be there for me.

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